Interota 2023 Bidding Announcement - Updates

It is our utmost regret that one of the bidding teams - Venice, Italy of RID 2060 have to withdraw their Interota 2023 bidding application.

As such, on behalf of the Bidding Convenor Team, we hereby announce that Tunis, Tunisia of RID 9010 is the only remaining bidding candidate for Interota 2023.

We will remain with remaining stages of the bidding process:
Stage 4 - Rotary Endorsement Form
Stage 5 - Onsite Presentation with Q&A Session

Again, please put your hands together for Rotaractors and Rotarians of Venice, Italy of RID 2060 in their hard work and effort to put together a bidding application for Interota 2023.

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Stay safe, stay healthy and see you soon!


Hong Kong | 6 - 9 June 2021
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