【See You Online!】💻

Thank you for the wait! We hereby announce that our event will continue to take place on 5-9 June, 2021, but the format of Interota 2020 Hong Kong🌎 has been changed to online 🖥

For previously registered delegates, our registration team will reach you via email📧 in the coming days with more details.

For other interested parties, you are more than welcome to register our event by filling in the registration form on our website✍️

See you all at the FIRST EVER ONLINE INTEROTA🌎, to be held on 5-9 June 2021!



讓大家久等了!我們正式宣佈2020國際扶輪世界扶青大會🌎的日期不變,仍然是2021年6月5日至9日,但改以網上形式進行 🖥




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