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House of Friendship

‘Fellowship through Service’ is Rotaract's motto. It is believed that, through community services, friendship can be fostered, bonding can be strengthened, and the peace of the world can be achieved. House of Friendship will mark the start of the programme of Interota 2020 Hong Kong. It is an occasion for Rotaractors from different parts of the world to get to know each other, making new connections and reuniting with old partners. Not only is it an occasion for socializing, it is also a platform for cultural exchange and an opportunity to join leaders, exchange ideas and take action.

In addition, Rotaractors will be invited to run sharing sessions to promote their own districts and showcase projects run by their districts, so that participants can be connected with different districts, and thus multi-district or international service projects can be fostered in future.

For sure, Hong Kong culture will be promoted as well. The host will give every Rotaractor and participant a warm welcome to Interota 2020 Hong Kong by sharing local cultures such as traditional mini-games.

Opening Ceremony

Local government officials, Rotary leaders and Rotaractors from all around the world will be invited to witness the official opening of Interota 2020 Hong Kong. There will be addresses from distinguished guests and special performances featuring Hong Kong culture.

Ms. Katharina Unger, founder of Livin Farms, will be our keynote speaker. Being a thought leader in the space of design for sustainability, food and agricultural innovation, as well as the founder of companies leading in the field of edible insects and novel food innovations, she will share with us how she promotes sustainability through food and agricultural innovation. With her sharing, our participants will learn more about future food and how to level up the world through innovations.

‘Rotary Opens Opportunities’ Forum

‘Elevate Rotaract’ has been a notable movement within the Rotary family in recent years. Interota will gather Rotaract leaders from all over the world to share insights and exchange thoughts to facilitate Rotaractors in opening opportunities. The forum will feature panel speakers from different multi-district information organizations (MDIOs) representing different parts of the Rotaract community. Discussion over topics like policy changes relating to Rotaract will be conducted.

Interota Academy

Echoing the theme of Interota 2020 Hong Kong ‘Leverage Youth Power | Level Up The World’, Interota Academy is set to facilitate learning and exchange of ideas among participants.

This programme will be divided into two parts. The first part is ‘Connectious’ - a word combining ‘connection’ and ‘us’. Participants from all around the world will be sharing their passion and their Rotaract clubs’ visions. This allows the participants to connect with each other, as they together recall some common experiences as members of Rotary/Rotaract. Furthermore, June marks the last month of a Rotary Year, which makes it a good occasion for district and club leaders to prepare handover to their successors. Handover isn’t merely a transfer of positions or duties, but also the passing on of Rotary’s vision and values.

The second part is ‘What the world should be' - extracted from lyrics of Rotaract Song. Participants will be engaged in group discussions to explore different global issues. In a role-play, each member will take on a given stakeholder’s role to think of the needs and difficulties from the stakeholder’s perspective. This allows our participants to obtain a holistic view of the global issue, thereby reflecting their connection with the world. When things do not go as expected, we can still be the change we want to see and make the world a better place.

Cultural Workshop

Hong Kong has long been a place where different cultures are adopted and further evolved with fusion and diversity. Apart from the East-meets-West phenomenon, there are hidden treasures of Hong Kong traditional culture, which may be unknown to most people, to be explored. The cultural workshops aim to unveil the most unique and distinctive sides of Hong Kong, especially for traditional handicraft. Historical facts will also be presented to let participants understand the evolution of Hong Kong from an old fishing village to a modern international financial center. The workshops aim to let the participants experience and learn about a particular culture and make their own souvenirs which can be brought home.

Cultural Night

Cultural performance will be the highlight of the night. Participants are encouraged to form teams to represent their countries or districts and submit performance videos ahead of the event. The performance videos will be showcased during the night, while funds will be raised for approved local charitable organizations in Hong Kong. Cultural Night will not only be a stage for showcasing talents and unique cultures from all around the world, but also a platform for raising awareness and making contributions towards the local community. To embody worldwide harmony, participants are expected to dress up in traditional costumes of their country or culture for attending the cultural night.

Peace 2020 Service Marathon cum Hong Kong Tour

Service is an essential element of Rotaract and there is no exception for Interota 2020 Hong Kong. As People of Action, local participants will get involved in serving the local community in Hong Kong through Peace 2020 Service Marathon, which will last for 2020 minutes, non-stop as a group. The 2020-minute service marathon symbolizes the year 2020 as well as Rotaractors’ endurance to fulfill our motto ‘Fellowship through Service’.

While local participants are privileged to join the physical activities, overseas participants can also get involved online despite the limitation of physical distance. Local tours of different themes (namely Green Hong Kong, Culture of Hong Kong and Secret of Hong Kong) will take place in parallel with Peace 2020 Service Marathon. Overseas participants can follow our guide and travel around Hong Kong through the lens of our guide on the virtual platform. This allows overseas participants to explore and experience a distinct side of Hong Kong, even though they are not physically in the city.

Closing Ceremony & Interota 2023 Bidding

At the closing ceremony, closing remarks from the Rotary International representative and special performances will be expected. Besides, the most anticipated recap video capturing all the unforgettable moments during Interota 2020 Hong Kong will be released, to allow everyone to recall and reflect on their experiences during the 5-day programme.

Interota takes place in different cities on a rotating basis. The host of the next Interota (Interota 2023) will be decided and announced during Interota 2020 Hong Kong.

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